Clinical Studies & Results

Clinical Studies & Results

Natural Ingredients Backed by Science

When co-founder of Rejuvenate, Dr. Pooneh Ram, DDS, saw how many toxic ingredients were in the oral care products she was selling and recommending at her dental office, it greatly disturbed her.

After researching dozens of published clinical studies on natural ingredients being as effective as, or even more effective than the potentially toxic or harmful ingredients found in typical oral care products, she decided to take action.

She partnered with her sister, Dr. Paris Sabo, a cancer surgeon with a background in integrative medicine and a degree in bio-chemistry. Together they created a professional line of oral care products that are filled with all-natural, organic,  nontoxic ingredients like aloe vera, neem oil, coconut oil, and much more. 

Below are a few clinical studies on some of the powerful natural ingredients we use in our professional oral care line:


Teeth Whitening Study

Rejuvenate by Dr. Brite NITE & DAY®: "Noticeably Whiter Teeth"

Clinically proven over a 14-day, two parallel track study led by renowned Dr. Martin Giniger, DMD, PhD, FICD, that Rejuvenate by Dr. Brite NITE & DAY® makes teeth noticeably whiter. 

  • Noticeable teeth whitening result after just 2 days
  • On average of 7 shades or better after 14 days of treatment
  • 30% whiter teeth after 14 days compared to a leading competitive brand